Planetary Data System
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PDS3 Standards: Individual Issue

SCR 3-1157: Change MAXIMUM_LENGTH for SPACECRAFT_POINTING_MODE to 25 characters and add new standard values requested by Odyssey THEMIS

Priority: high

Problem Summary:

SPACECRAFT_POINTING_MODE values are currently limited to twelve (12) characters.

The Odyssey THEMIS team would like to use this keyword with several new values including some that will be devised in the future and arent currently known.

Working group: P. Garcia (lead) C. Isbell, E. Rye, B. Sword

Originator: P. Garcia

Standards Change Request:

Version Date Author(s) Format Note
1 2009-07-24 B. Sword, P. Garcia, C. Isbell DOC


Supplementary Material:



SCR was rejected by a vote of 7-0-2 (reject-don't reject-absent)

Node Representative Version 1
ATM L. Huber reject
EN E. Rye reject
GEO S. Slavney reject
IMG C. Isbell reject
NAIF absent
PPI absent
RINGS M. Gordon reject
RS D. Simpson reject
SBN A. Raugh reject