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PDS3 Standards: Individual Issue

SCR 3-1159: Remove Formation Rule from DATA_SET_LOCAL_ID Definition

Priority: medium

Problem Summary: SCR 3-1145 was intended to clean up residual errors not captured in the change request when SCR 3-1144 was passed (allowing file names up to 36.3). One of the residual errors was that definition of DATA_SET_LOCAL_ID included a formation rule phrased in terms of 8.3 file names. Several within the Tech Group objected that the DATA_SET_LOCAL_ID correction was too far removed from the 'file name length' issue and should not be included in SCR 3-1145; instead a separate SCR should be submitted.

Working group: D. Simpson (lead) E. Rye

Originator: Dick Simpson

Standards Change Request:

Version Date Author(s) Format Note
1 2009-07-29 D. Simpson DOC


Supplementary Material:



Node Representative Version 1
ATM Lyle Huber yes
EN Ron Joyner yes
GEO Susan Slavney yes
NAIF bsemenov yes
RINGS Mitch yes
RS Dick Simpson yes
Node Representative Version 1
ATM Lyle Huber MC vote unwarranted
EN Ron Joyner MC vote unwarranted
GEO Susan Slavney MC vote unwarranted
NAIF bsemenov MC vote unwarranted
RINGS Mitch MC vote unwarranted
RS Dick Simpson MC vote unwarranted